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Cirrus Medium - take comfort and support to the next level

The Cirrus Medium provides the perfect balance between support and all-over body comfort for a great night's sleep.

Orthokinetic Next Generation Cirrus Medium

The Orthokinetic Next Generation Cirrus Medium range, is the first in range in the collection and features a 3 zone nested pocket coils core, providing personalised support to every inch of your body. Each coil is able to move independently to give an exact response to your unique shape, which also helps to eliminate partner disturbance, giving you the perfect night's rest every night.

The Orthokinetic Cirrus Medium's pillow top gives you the right balance between soft comfort and support, with a combination of latex and premium foams. Air mesh in the sides of the comfort top allow the mattress to 'breathe', so you won't experience heat build-up while you sleep. A polyester wool layer also helps to keep you more comfortable thanks to its ability to draw moisture away from your body, allowing you to maintain its optimum core temperature.

The Orthokinetic Next Generation Cirrus Medium's anti-pill fabric covering is also anti-static, and has been Scotchgard treated to help protect it from normal wear and tear.

The Orthokinetic Cirrus Medium range is endorsed by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia and comes with a 10 year warranty.

All mattresses in the Next Generation Cirrus range are available exclusively at Super Amart. Visit a store and experience for yourself the superior support and comfort of the Orthokinetic mattresses.

Features at a glance
  • 10 year warranty
  • Endorsed by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia
  • 3 zone nested pocket coils core
  • 750+ coil count (Queen bed)
  • Premium latex comfort
  • Pillow top for soft comfort
  • Air mesh allows the mattress to 'breathe'
  • Reduced partner disturbance
  • Scotchgard treated, anti-pill and anti-static covering
  • 3 zone nested full width pocket coil springs – Zoned for support and comfort where it's needed
  • 750+ (QB) pocket coil count – Gives you a more supportive sleep surface
  • Latex – Conforms to your body for stability
  • Air Mesh – Allows your mattress to 'breathe' and eliminates heat build-up
  • Polyester/wool blend – Wool is a natural insulator, offering warmth in winter and breathability in summer
  • Scotchgard treated – Protects the mattress surface from external wear and tear
Product 01
3 Zone Nested Pocket Coils
Nested pocket coils eliminate gaps, so you have 100% surface support and comfort.
Product 02
Premium comfort that conforms to your body for stability and maintains its shape when you move.
Product 03
Air Mesh
Allows the mattress to 'breathe' and eliminate heat build-up while you sleep.

Double: 31cm high, 138cm wide, 188cm deep
Queen: 31cm high, 153cm wide, 203cm deep
King: 31cm high, 183cm wide, 203cm deep

*Please note all measurements are approximate and intended as a guide only. Measurements may vary slightly from one mattress to another.